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Vista Limousines & Events Limited shall be known as “the Company” and the person named overleaf and/or the person signing the confirmation shall be known as the “Hirer/Client.”  It will be deemed that the Hirer/Client has read these Terms & Conditions which are considered legally binding and is fully aware and understands their implications and fully accepts responsibility for him/herself and every person in his/her party and for legal reasons that the person signing the Contract MUST be 18 years of age or over and agrees to the conditions of hire as follows:   

PLEASE NOTE:        

COVID-19 (and any subsequent pandemics) Vista Limousines in the interest of the health and safety of our clients and staff will ALWAYS WITHOUT EXCEPTION adhere to the Government edicts and regulations in place at the time of any and all limousine hires.    

Chauffeurs are until further notice required to wear Masks whilst “on board” the Vista Limousines.  Clients may elect to wear their own masks whilst in the limousine.   

Vista Limousines will provide hand sanitiser and wipes on board for client convenience. 

In the event of a cancellation due to Government edicts as a result of Covid 19 or any other pandemic, the deposit/payments will become refundable at the discretion of the Company Directors 

Payment for Limousine Travel & Tickets etc: 

• Payment in full for the hire of the limousine/s should be made directly into the Vista Company Bank Account;  details as  shown on the final Contract and by the specified date/s 

• The hire of the limousine cannot be considered confirmed until payment has been made in full 

• Parking charges, tolls etc. will be payable by the client as they occur en route or in advance if required and appropriate 

• In the event of a late hire request (less than 24 hours), the Company will ONLY ACCEPT EXACT PAYMENT IN FULL PRIOR TO THE START OF THE JOURNEY 

• The purchase of ticket/s (including admin/handling/postage charges) by a Client for a bespoke event arranged by the Company will be a totally separate transaction from the booking of a seat in the limousine/vehicle and ticket payments are to be made in full by the Hirer/Client at the time of booking 

• The booking of a seat and/or ticket by a Hirer/Client is not transferrable to a third party and the Company will not carry any passenger not allocated in the original contract without the express written permission of the Company.  If the Hirer/Client for whatever reason is unable to make use of the seats/ticket/s purchased the Company is unable to offer any refunds 

• The Company will inform the Hirer/Client of the cost of travel and a non refundable deposit payment of £100 will be due at the time of booking the vehicle.   

• There will be one designated pick up and drop off point and Hirer/Clients will be informed accordingly. If the Hirer/Client requests additional pick-up and drop-off points this will incur a cost of £12.50 for each additional pick-up and drop off point 

• Company chauffeurs WILL NOT undertake any extra duties which have not been quoted for and set out in the Contract signed by Vista and The Client 

Unscheduled emergency or comfort stops MAY be made solely at the discretion of the chauffeur if requested by the Hirer/Client and will be charged at an additional £25.00 per 15-minute period or part thereof and will be payable to the chauffeur in cash on the date of hire by the Hirer/Client at the time of the stop. 

Limousine: Overtime/Waiting/Delay/Administration Charges 

• Any hire that exceeds the contracted time (due to the hirer or guests being late will be charged at the appropriate hourly rate of £125 (or part thereof.)  Hirer/Client must seek permission from Company Head Office to change any part of the hire arrangements.  The Company will collect/return you at the confirmed booking times agreed on the final signed Hire Contract.  Any subsequent changes are wholly at the discretion of the Company. 

• If a hire runs late due to traffic or through no fault of the Hirer/Client no extra charges will be added 

• If a hire runs late due to actions of the Hirer/Client (or delays in Customs), a charge of £125 per hour or part thereof will be added and will be payable to the chauffeur on the date of hire by the Hirer/Client 

• If the vehicle is delayed in getting to its next hire due to actions of the Hirer/Client, and that second hire is compromised, the full cost of the second hire will be payable to the chauffeur by the incumbent Hirer/Client as soon as the likely delay has been identified by the chauffeur. 

• The Company cannot guarantee an indefinite waiting time beyond 15 minutes of the contracted hire end time. Thereafter it is the Hirer/Client’s responsibility to make their own travel arrangements at their own expense 

• Flights diversions to other airports must be identified to the chauffeur by the Hirer/Client as soon as they are known to the Hirer/Client and the vehicle hire costs will be re-calculated by the chauffeur/Company at that time and any adjustments in those revised costs will be due for payment to the chauffeur by the Hirer/Client at the time of revision and assuming the chauffeur is able to provide the service without jeopardising other bookings 

• No refunds will be provided for flight diversions where the Hirer/Client does not wish to pay for the adjustments in cost.   

• The Company will make every effort to adhere to timetables but will accept no responsibility for delays due to traffic adverse weather conditions or Acts of God. If the Company gives any advice on journey time/s it is in good faith but does not guarantee the completion of any journey in any specific time and will not be liable or held responsible for any delay or inconvenience howsoever caused.  The Company will not be held responsible for any admission charges, late arrival fees or cancellation fees caused by lateness 

• The Limousine will not go out in adverse weather conditions (i.e. floods, icy or snowy conditions) and this decision will be made wholly at the discretion of the chauffeur 

• In the case of a hire being cancelled due to adverse weather conditions, a full refund will be given within 7 working days of cancellation.  At the discretion of the chauffeur and in the interest of passenger safety if a hire/event is terminated early due to adverse weather conditions a partial refund will be calculated and reimbursed to the Hirer/Client by the Company within 7 days of the end of the hire 

• The Company cannot guarantee a door-to-door service, due to the length of the vehicle speed bumps and unmade roads etc. but will collect and set down as close to the pick-up address and destination address as is possible 

• The Company shall supply the limousine/vehicle as instructed, however in the unlikely event of an accident or breakdown whether mechanical or electrical a full refund will be given only if an alternative limousine/vehicle cannot be supplied 

• The Company will levy an administration charge of £12.50 per subsequent revision to the original hire contract as signed and dated by the Hirer/Client  

• Should the Hirer/Client cancel the Hire Agreement up to and including 7 Vista working days  (i.e. includes Saturdays and Sundays) prior to the hire date payment in full will still be due in accordance with these Terms & Conditions  

• After 30 days any payments outstanding against the Hire Contract/Invoices interest charges at the Bank of England Base Rate plus 8% will be applied daily to any and all outstanding monies of any description due whatsoever from the Hirer/Client.  The Company reserves the right to invoice the Hirer/Client any and all costs incurred by the Company for the collection of any outstanding monies owed. Failure to remit to the Company on or by the requested date will result in legal action being entered into the costs for which will be borne by the Hirer/Client 

Limousine: Damages 

• The Hirer/Client as named on the Hire Agreement is responsible for the booking and for the conduct of self and their party 

• The Hirer/Client will agree to be liable for the total cost of repairs to the inside or outside of the vehicle due to any damage caused by the Hirer/Client or any member of their party.  

• The Hirer/Client will be liable to pay the Company a fixed daily rate of £150 while the vehicle is out of commission for such repairs plus any further incurred losses to the Company i.e. loss of confirmed bookings 

• Any breakages or damage caused by a Hirer/Client or any member of their party will be invoiced at cost for replacement and such invoice/s will be payable to the chauffeur on the date of hire by the Hirer/Client 

• A charge of £175 will be levied to the Hirer/Client for professional valeting the vehicle after sickness or spillage by any member of the Hirer/Client’s party and will be payable to the chauffeur on the date of hire by the Hirer/Client 

• Feet should be kept off of the Bar and Seating areas at all times;  this area can scratch easily and any damaged will be charged. 

• If the vehicle is taken out of service due to any of points 1 to 4 above and a future hire is compromised the full cost of that future hire will be charged to the Hirer/Client and will be payable in full within 7 days of the date of Company invoice 

• Broken glasses will be charged at £12.00 each and will be payable to the chauffeur on the date of hire by the Hirer/Client 

NO food or alcohol/beverages of any kind are permitted in the vehicle except those which are provided by the Company or by written approval of the Company at the specific request of the Hirer/Client 

The Hirer/Client and their party must return to the vehicle at the designated time and place as advised by the chauffeur and as agreed on the signed Hire Contract. 

• At the discretion of the chauffeur he may apply additional waiting time of up to a maximum period of 30 minutes. Thereafter the Hirer/Client will incur overtime charges of £75.00 per hour or part thereof payable to the chauffeur ON BEHALF OF THE COMPANY (VISTA LIMOUSINES) on the date of hire by the Hirer/Client 

• The vehicle will NOT cruise around to pick up stray passengers 

• Any member of the party returning intoxicated and unruly or abusive will be refused entry to the vehicle as the Company operates a policy of Zero Tolerance 

• No other passengers will be allowed into the vehicle other than the named party on the Hire Agreement  

• The limousine/vehicle doors must not be opened under any circumstances and are only to be opened by the chauffeur 

• No decorations or accessories may be added to the limousines (internally or externally) by Client or any third party except those provided by the Company 

• All passengers must remain seated throughout the journey 

• The vehicle cannot carry any more passengers than it is legally licensed to carry 

• It is a legal requirement that all forward facing passengers must be secured with a seat belt 

Limousine:  School Proms & Children’s Parties      

• Children under the age of 13 must have an accompanying adult in the vehicle 

• The Company has a zero-tolerance involving minors displaying unruly or bad behaviour, consuming alcohol or illegal substances  

• No alcohol, liquids or food of any kind is to be brought into the vehicle  

• Any minors arriving at the vehicle in an intoxicated state will be refused entry 

Reasons to Terminate Limousine Hire with immediate effect (and no refunds will be offered) 

• Smoking of cigarettes cigars pipes etc. or electronic smoking devices in the vehicle 

• Taking or dealing in illegal substances 

• Leaning, throwing objects or shouting out of the windows or sunroof  

• Abusive behaviour towards the chauffeur or any third party 

• Fighting in the vehicle  

• Underage drinking or any hirer or passenger who are deemed to be intoxicated and thereby become a possible threat to the safety of the chauffeur or passengers 

• Refusal to wear seatbelts 

• Damaging the vehicle in any way  

• Putting feet on fixtures and fittings  

• Opening the doors and getting out of the vehicle in traffic.  (Doors will only be opened by the chauffeur.) 

• No flags, scarves or bunting to be draped on, over, or out of the vehicle  

• No application of make up or painting of nails in the vehicle 

• No chewing gum may be consumed in the limousine/vehicle 


• In accordance with Alcohol Licencing Laws in the UK the Company is unable to supply any alcoholic drink.  Any alcohol being carried in a Company vehicle is owned by and is the sole responsibility of the Hirer/Client. The only exception to this point, and at the specific request of the client who will be required to inform the Company of the EXACT  type and quantity of the alcohol requested to be brought on board the Company Vehicle, will be against written permission from and given by the Company to the Hirer/Client. Surplus alcohol brought by the Hirer/Client or guests will NOT be carried by the limousine.  Any additional alcohol purchased during the course of the contracted hire will NOT be allowed on to the vehicle.  The Company reserves the right to limit the amount of alcohol carried on the vehicle 

• The chauffeur will not take the vehicle anywhere he/she deems it to be a hazard to others or the safety of the passengers   

• The Company will accept no responsibility for injuries sustained through broken glass or irresponsible behaviour on the part of the Hirer/Client or their party 

• The Company will make every effort to ensure that all internal mechanisms are in good working order when your vehicle leaves for your intended  journey.  If for any reason whatsoever an internal feature mechanism is not working we will accept no responsibility 

• When getting into and out of the Limousine care must be taken not to trip over the transmission tunnel or door threshold 

• Do not attempt to exit the vehicle whilst waiting in traffic  

• Do not ask the chauffeur to do anything that is not listed in the Hire Agreement  

• Persons wearing dirty work clothing, muddy footwear or clothing with studs and chains will not be allowed into the vehicle 

• All additions or alterations to these terms must be requested and submitted in writing by the Hirer/Client and passed to the Company in the first instance and at least 48 hours prior to hire commencement where the request will be agreed or otherwise and the Hirer/Client notified accordingly in writing    

• It is the sole responsibility of the Hirer/Client to make his/her party aware of these Terms & Conditions  

• We shall supply all the inclusions of the hire as specified in the signed confirmation of Hire/Booking Contract. 

• We accept no responsibility for acts/omissions of our employees 

• We are insured for passenger travel 

• Vista Insurance is for public liability and NOT independent travel insurance 

• No responsibility will be taken for items left in the vehicle 

• The Company accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage to any property or luggage carried in the vehicle.  Passengers are asked to keep their belongings with them at all times; it is the passengers responsibility to check the vehicle at the end of the hire for any left property 

• Lost & Found items may be returned in the post, subject to packaging plus postage at cost and always by Recorded Delivery (signed for.) No responsibility will be taken for items lost in the post  

• Items not claimed within six months of original hire date will be disposed of at the discretion of the Company 

We do not accept responsibility or liability for: 

• Delays caused by inclement weather /traffic/road conditions 

• Any theft or damage to properties of the signatory of the contract or any other person travelling within the contract, except where such theft or damage is caused by a direct action of the employees of Vista Limousines & Events Limited 

• Any delays caused by strike action, Acts of God or conflict of war or force majeure 


Please note that Vista Limousines operates in total accordance with Government edicts relative to Covid-19 which may be in force at the time of Client Hire. 

 Until further notice, for the safety of our Clients and Chauffeurs and in accordance with Government and Local Licencing recommendations our chauffeurs are issued with PPE and will maintain a minimum of 1-2 metres social distancing when boarding and disembarking their passengers.  Hand sanitiser and wipes will be available in the limousines for use by our clients  

As per our Terms & Conditions only Vista Chauffeurs are permitted to open and close limousine doors. 

Issued 16th August 2021 Coronavirus (COVID-19): safer travel guidance for passengers https://www.gov.uk/guidance/coronavirus-covid-19-safer-travel-guidance-for-passengers#taxis-and-private-hire-vehicles           

Taxis and private hire vehicles. Even after you have received a vaccine, you should continue to follow this guidance on how to travel safely when using taxis or private hire vehicles.  Follow the advice of the operator and driver. The requirement to wear face coverings in law has been lifted. However, the government expects and recommends that people wear face coverings in crowded areas such as public transport. It is recommended you wear a face covering when using a taxi or private hire vehicle. 

I have read the above Terms & Conditions and in signing this Agreement I (and my party) agree to and accept these Terms & Conditions and by making this booking have entered into a legal and binding Agreement.  These TERMS & CONDITIONS must be signed and returned within 24 hours of date of issue or the booking will be cancelled.  In all instances the latest issue of the Company Terms & Conditions will apply. 

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